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tequila terapia
Bienvenidos al bar. Si tiene una resaca es su sola culpa.
This Journal = Old Hotness.

This Journal = New Hotness
My laptop's been dead for the longest time.  And... this journal just seems so old to me.  I think I may start a new one.  Let me know if you'd like me to add you to my new one. (whenever I may create it)

*waves to everyone*

I'm not dead, I promise! Just extremely  busy.  I'll try to update soon.  O! The madness!

There is this girl at work I'd love to punch in the face.  Hard.  

Her name is Claire, she's 18, and by far one of the most arrogant, condescending, immature and annoying little brats i've ever met.
She has a huge ego and believes that the managers favour her (they don't like her) and that she knows more than most other experienced workers.  If she tries to treat me like I am beneath her One More Time...  I don't think i'll be able to control my temper.
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There are two things I am extremely sick of:

1. Pop singers who have to make an "OMGZ! We got Divorced/Broke up/etc. BUT I'M OKAY! I'M a STRONG WHOLE, person I swear!" song, and a music video to go along with it.
Jessica Simpson's newest song/video "I Belong To Me" reminded me of this irritating trend. Why is it that pop stars have to force their (former) relationships even further into the spotlight by doing this? It's such a cry for attention.

I suppose that even worse than that is the post-breakup public bitchfest that ensues.


...And then clothing companies create t-shirts and hats for people to show whose "side" they support. Ugh.

2. Songs where the singer wants people to feel sorry for them because they cheated on their boy/girlfriend.

Often times these songs make the people in question seem stupid. Let's take Usher's "Confessions" for example. He has a 'chick on the side', yet only starts feeling bad after she gets pregnant. Oh, so... it was okay BEFORE she had the kid, right? The Cheating on his girlfriend wasn't a problem. The pregnancy is what he has issues with, as he can't keep lying anymore. He can't have a secret fling now that she's pregnant. Poor baby.

Then there's "Unfaithful" by Rhianna. Throughout this whole song, she whines that "OMG... my boyfriend knows i'm cheating on him. I know it hurts him! It hurts me that it hurts him! OH POOR MEEEE! I'm cheating on my boyfriend, but Poor Me because I have to see him in pain!"

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In my last entry (Which went largely unanswered. I am dissapointed!), I asked what image came to mind when someone mentioned the word "sweater" and asked for a general physical description of a sweater. Now, I shall explain the reason behind the question:

In case you are out of the loop, I now work in a department store called Dillard's.

I was busy tidying merchandise when I was approached by a customer. She asked if i could help her find a sweater; preferably a white one. I politely informed her that we had no sweaters, but would carry them closer to winter.
She then proceeded to snap at me, sternly telling me that there were sweaters All Over My Department and that I Didn't Know What I Was Talking About. I paused and mentioned that it was my first week, so perhaps I overlooked something, and I would find a more experienced Associate to ask. She replied with an extremely rude "Go do that. Find me someone who knows what they're doing."
I found another Associate and explained the situation. She told her the same thing: we do not have any sweaters currently.

The woman reaches into her pile of clothing and pulls out an item...
"Don't you have anything else that looks like THIS?!?"

It was a button-down cardigan. Not a sweater. Not even a knit cardigan. It was thin and cotton t-shirt material.


When I hear the word "Sweater", i automatically think of something that is long-sleeve, knit, and made of heavy wool or cotton. Something that is worn in winter.
There is a distinct difference between that and a Cardigan.

15 minutes later, i had a woman ask me to help her find something... she pointed to a thin, knit, sleeveless summer top featured in one of our display photos and asked where she could "find that sweater".

Are people in Texas aware of what a Sweater is? I'm confused.
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What is a sweater?  Define and give a physical description of the article of clothing.  (just a general description of what comes to mind when you hear the word "sweater" mentioned.)

An explanation will eventually follow.
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It's not fair to miss someone so much that it physically hurts.

Bez tebya ya ne ya
Bez tebya menya net
A oni govoryat
Govoryat et bred

Eta solnechnye yad
Zolotye luchi
A oni govoryat
Nado srochno lechit

Ya khotela zabyt do upora I vniz
Ya schtala stolby I Rusteryannykh ptits
Bez tebya menya net, otpyasti otpyasti
Do ugla po stene mama-papa prosti...

Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzha ona, mne nuzha ona
Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma
Mne nuzha ona, mne nuzha ona
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Somewhere in between the summer school, studying and searching for a job, I am in desparate need of a break. At this point I want to forget all responsibility, run off to Europe and just chill out. I'm sure many other people know the woes of taking summer classes one right after another, so i really don't have much room to complain.

Anyone else having difficulty finding a job?


The Story of Sarah's Job Hunt for the past months:

Me: *fills out application and turns in to hiring manager*

Them: Thanks! We're going to start calling people soon for interviews.

Me: Awesome!

One week later...

Me: *locates hiring manager*

Them: Hey there! What up?

Me: Filled out an application... just checking up on things!

Them: Oh cool... but we're not hiring just yet. We're going to start hiring around August so it will be a while until we start calling people back. Check back around the end of July!

Me: umm... okay. Thanks.
*walk away*
*grumble grumble explative grumble*


Job hunting is EVIL.